Find some of our most frequently asked questions below. 

How "healthy" are your products? 

Our products range from the super healthy to the slightly cheeky, all of our delicious products have chosen carefully by our team for different reasons. Depending on the goals of your particular organisation, you are welcome to choose what you beleive would best suit your community and fundraising audience best. 

What are the lead times on your fundraising boxes? 

Depending on how many boxes you require, our lead times are usually between 1-4 weeks. But don't worry, you will be assigned a friendly member of our team to keep you in the loop every step of the way (so feel free to pick their brains!)

Where is Fundster based? 

Our family owned business is based in Melbourne's South East. Your order will either be hand delivered by your assigned Fundster representative, or one of our fantastic delivery partners. 

Can I return any unsold boxes or products?

Unfortunately due to the custom nature of your boxes, we cannot accept any returns for unsold fundraising products and boxes. But, rest assured, all products within your box will keep for many months, so you have plenty of time to sell them! 

Do you service all of Australia? 

Although we would love to service the entire country (and I promise we're working on it), we currently only service VIC and NSW based customers. If you are not based in these states, please feel free to drop us an email so that we know that you'd support our expansion and we'll keep you in the loop for when we do. 


Will my delivery be free? 

Yes, we offer free delivery for all orders of 12 boxes or more in VIC & NSW. 

Can my delivery be left somewhere safe if nobody is there to collect it?

We would always prefer that someone is there to collect your delivery, but we know life doesn't always work that way. Simply tick "I consent for my delivery to be left somewhere safe if nobody is available to receive it." Any deliveries left in a safe place will be done so at your own risk. 

How do we maximise our fundraising efforts? 

Your personal Fundster representative will walk you through plenty of strategies for success, great places to start are in workplaces, between friends and family and in your local community. But please ensure at least one adult accompanies children at all times when fundraising. 

How long should we fundraise for? 

2 weeks to 1 month is usually the sweet spot for fundraising boxes. Don't forget you can always design your own branded individual fundraising products should you wish to continue to raise funds all year round in your canteen or kiosk. 

We are nut-free, can we still fundraise? 

Yes, absolutely. Although some of the products we offer contain nuts, the vast majority of them do not. Speak to your representative and you can design your ultimate allergen free box together. 

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